Welcome to the Chicago Illini Club 

The mission of our club is to support the educational purposes of the University, cultivate friendship among club members, and express loyalty to the University. We value our mission and develop opportunities within the Chicagoland area through a variety of educational, social, cultural and athletic activities and programs.

Who Can Be a Member and What are the Fees? 
Graduates, former students, and friends of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, at Chicago, or at Springfield can join. Membership is free!

Why Join?
Joining provides a great way to get to know and meet fellow Illini, expand your social and professional networks and give back to the University. The Chicago Illini Club has a rich history that stems back to 1885 and while the group has grown to be the largest Alumni Club in the nation our values and commitment to the University has stayed unbroken.


Activities and Events

- Chicago Illini of the Year Award Dinner
- University of Illinois football and basketball game watches
- Volunteer opportunities
- Networking events and alumni speakers
- Annual Golf Outing
- Local intramural sports leagues
…and many more!


Giving Back
Each year we support one student with the James Newton Matthews Scholarship Fund. We support the annual awards of $2,000 (for each year of eligibility up to a maximum of 4 years) to an incoming freshman who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in high school. The scholarship recipient must maintain a cumulative grade point average that meets our criteria and progress toward a degree to remain eligible for the scholarship for all four years.

Thank you for visiting us, we hope to see you at one of our events soon!