Getting Involved with the Chicago Illini Club



Volunteer your time and talent to the Chicago Illini Club!

Participating with one of our committees is an excellent way to support the Club and University, meet new members, and have a lot of fun.  You may choose to volunteer as much or as little time as you would like.  All efforts are appreciated!  To learn more about the committees or opportunities available with the club, contact

Chicago Illini Club Mission:

The mission of our club is to support the educational purposes of the University, cultivate friendship among club members, and express loyalty to the University. We value our mission and develop opportunities within the Chicagoland area through a variety of educational, social, cultural and athletic activities and programs. 


Actively supporting the James Newton Matthews Scholarship Program, the Fighting Illini Men’s Golf Team, the Marching Illini, and the Red Cross


 Interested in volunteering and networking with your fellow alumni? Check out the CIC Committees to see where you would like to get started!

Chicago Illini Club Committee Descriptions:


Community Service Committee 


The Community Service Committee is responsible for creating partnerships with local non-profits and promoting service events both internally and externally to reach volunteer goals.


 Designs service events where club members can enjoy volunteering together for causes that fit our mission and where we can have maximum impact.

    Continuously works with various committees to determine what types of activities would interest club members.

  Reports on club impact on the community, and uses this to market future service events. 




Marketing Committee

Chair: Bryan Boccelli,          

The Marketing Committee is responsible for promoting awareness of the Chicago Illini Club among alumni and encouraging participation by developing effective advertisements and broadcast information. 


      Develop a detailed semi-annual marketing plan to be approved by the club leadership. 

      Review/approve all advertisements, including the copy, before broadcasting.

      Release quarterly advertisements in Chicago area and On-Campus as well as weekly updates through social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Always Illinois, and LinkedIn).

      Assist the various committees of the club in marketing events and services.

      Calculate the success of each marketing method/channel and discover new effective methods/tools. 


Membership Committee



            This Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and connecting with new members by assisting in the development of surveys and recruiting materials as well as keeping members actively involved by matching alumni interest to club activities.


      Partner with the Events Committee to set goals for key metrics (e.g. #of new club members, # of active event participants & # number of events by location)

      Ensure that each event leader keeps track of attendees, takes photographs at the event and follows up with all attendees to recruit them for further participation.

      Work with the Nominating Committee to create succession and staffing plans and to help fill openings with volunteers 




Events Committee

Chair: Kurt Hansen,

The Events Committee organizes all events for the Club, improves the process of creating times and steps for a successful event and develops a post-event results report that provided to the committees.


      This committee assists in the planning of the following activities:

      Social & Networking (Illini football and basketball gamewatches, intramural teams)

      Family events (Northwestern football game tailgate, Community Service Projects)

      Speaker / Dinner events (Annual Dinner, Chicago Illini of the Year Event)




Golf Outing Committee

 Chair: Terri Lane,

The Golf Outing Committee is responsible for all aspects of the CIC’s annual golf outing, the club’s largest fundraiser that supports activities, scholarships, etc.


      Identifying venue and securing University of Illinois “celebrities” and/or speakers.

      Works with marketing to sell the event to participants

      Securing sponsorships and donations to fulfill budget requirements.

      Managing participants information and golf course communications

      *Note: this is the largest single event with many opportunities for people to volunteer and/or lead in a variety of capacities (logistics, operations, finance, sponsorship, and marketing)




Finance Committee

 Chair:  Miheer Munjal,

The Finance Committee manages the club’s funds and capital accounts as well as establishes and maintains policies, procedures, systems and tools to assist the Treasurer in managing the Club’s finances.


     Assist the Treasurer in constructing a mid-fiscal year update, an annual budget and presenting a year-end report to the Board

      Assure that the Club maintains adequate insurance coverage and prepares all tax filings

    Review and recommend investment and financial policies, internal controls; maintains financial records in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.

      Prepare a financial procedure and policy “manual”.

      Create financial tools (e.g. request for funding processes, budgets formats, and financial metrics for each event and year.  


Don’t see a committee doing something you would like to do to benefit the club, your fellow Illini, and/or the University?  Reach out to one of the Committee chairs to discuss the new idea!