James Newton Matthews Scholars

In 1996, the University of Illinois embarked on a new scholarship program to recruit the best and brightest students from throughout the state of Illinois and beyond. The James Newton Matthews Scholars Program, named after the very first student admitted to the Illinois Industrial University which later became the University of Illinois, annually awards $2,000 scholarships (per student) to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in high school. Scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 4.4 on a 5.0 scale and progress toward a degree to remain eligible for the scholarship for all four years.

    Award Recipients

School Year Name College Major
2015-2016 Nicholas Shapland Engineering Computer Science
2011-2015 Jordan McGinnity Boswell Business Marketing & International Business Management
2006-2008 Elise Beis Business Marketing
2005-2009 Kristen Fleming LAS International Studies/French
2001-2004 Faith (McGuire) Nelson  LAS   Biology


  Excellence in Leadership Award


In 1998, the Chicago Illini Club established the Exccellence in Leadership Award, which includes a monetary award funded by the Club's endowment.  The Award recognizes a senior student's outstanding leadership qualities and extracurricular involvement.  The nominator(s) are required to answer the following questions:
1. Describe in detail how the nominee has made a significant impact on the quality of the campus and/or community life.
2. Describe how the nominee's contributions to campus and/or community life demonstrates exceptional leadership

   Award Recipients

 Grad Year  Name  College  Major
2016  Nicholas Tarleton  ACES  Food Science and Human Nutrition
2014  Dana Edwards  Engineering   Civil Engineering
2013  Dana Edwards  Applied Health Sciences  Recreation, Sport, and Tourism
2012  Kenneth Thompson  LAS  Aerospace Engineering
2011  Stephanie Baker  Engineering   Business Administration
2010  Bryan Kapicka  LAS/Engineering  Mathematics/General Engineering
2009  Sara Losh  LAS  English
2008  Laura Gangichiodo  Education  Special Education
2007  Daniel Mollison  LAS  English
2006  Victor Benitez   LAS  English
2005  Paula DeAnda  LAS  Mathematics
2004  Adam Morris  LAS  Psychology
2003  Keely Stewart  LAS  Political Science
2002  Mario Peraza  LAS  Chemistry
2001  Tiana Dunlap  LAS  Biology
2000  Jason Abel  LAS  Political Science
1999  Sara Thompson  Business  Psychology
1998  Corey Flournoy  ACES  Agricultural Economics




2016 Excellence in Leadership Award winner Nicholas Tarleton